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Bible Class

Vancouver Easter Conference

Stephen Grant

Over Easter I came up from Arlington in Washington State and spoke at the Vancouver Easter conference. There was about 4-500 people present and it lasted 3 days. I was speaking with Paul Thiessen from Mexico. He lives in the same general area as Jonathan Seed. David McKIllen and Murray McCandless were the other speakers. 

I am now conducting a series of Bible Readings on the book of Malachi in West Richmond Gospel Hall and will be flying home at the weekend. 

My impression of Vancouver is that it is a beautiful place and the most multi-cultural group of assemblies I have come across. The signage on West Richmond Gospel Hall is in Chinese as well as English. There are quite a number of assemblies in the city and they seem to work well together. There is a good interest in consecutive, contextual Bible teaching which is encouraging. Property prices are obscene and I suspect that will be a problem for keeping young people in some areas near their assemblies.