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Bible Class

Gareth Edwards and Alasdair Baijal

Stephen Grant

The Perth Gospel Outreach has now entered its second week (on Sunday 20 March).  The first week has gone well with many non-Christians attending for the service each evening.  The local Christians have worked very hard prior to the meetings in building relationships with friends, neighbours and colleagues.  This seems to have made people more amenable to invitations to the meetings.  Almost 10,000 flyers have also been distributed.  This is all reaping dividends during the outreach.  

Numbers of non-Christians in attendance have ranged from 10-20 each night.  A handful have attended regularly rather than just the odd night.  The local believers are continuing to work hard in thinking of ways to bring non-Christians as the meetings progress.  One night some former Sunday school pupils from 10-20 years ago were invited to go out to a restaurant for a meal with some of the believers before attending the service.  Quite a number came along and some have come a few more nights.  Many of these people have not been in any kind of gospel service for a long time.  

Please particularly pray for a teenage girl who is being brought by a school friend.  She is showing good interest.  Please also pray for S. who until this outreach has not attended any service at the hall previously.  He has not missed one night and appears troubled. Pray for C. who was troubled about his soul at the outreach last year but did not trust Christ.  He appears troubled again.  Please pray that he will not put the issue off this time around.  

Gareth and Alasdair would appreciate your prayers for help to preach the gospel clearly, simply and with Holy Spirit power each night.  Most of all, please pray that we would be witnesses of God's hand working powerfully in saving souls during this outreach."