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Bible Class

Charles Davidson, Gangtok

Stephen Grant

For the last seven months Jiwan and Rachel ( have had a wonderful young girl by the name of Sagarika staying with them. She is from a staunch Hindu family but heard the gospel in class nine and trusted Christ. Rachel met her at a camp in Siliguri last year and at that point she was making plans for where she would go to college. Rachel mentioned that if she were to study in Gangtok she could stay with them and would be able then to attend the meetings. She immediately began to make plans and amazingly, despite the fact that he knew Jiwan and Rachel were believers, her father told her that she could stay with them. 

She began to have a growing conviction that she needed to share with her father what had happened to her. Her father knew that she was interested in Christianity but knew nothing of her salvation. He would only tell her repeatedly “the day you convert you are no longer my daughter”. In the past he had beaten her for attending a Christian meeting. 

She shared with her father what the Lord had done in her life and was amazed at the response of her father. He told her that she had not told him anything he didn’t already know. He was sad as she would no longer participate in their festivals and he considered it his ‘bad luck’ that he had gotten a daughter who turned out to be a Christian. But he would continue to support her financially and would not throw her out of the family. 

Sagarika returned to Gangtok and then shared with her mother (her parents are divorced) what she had told her father – her mother’s reaction, who we had thought would be more soft, was much more fierce. She was very angry and told her that she would be speaking to her father about it. He told her that she was no longer his daughter, she was never to call him or talk to him again and the next day he would perform all the Hindu rituals that are done when a daughter dies. 

After the call from her father, her mother called again to say she was coming to Gangtok the next day to take her away. The next day came and she did not arrive – instead she called again to ask if Sagarika had changed her mind. When Sagarika told her “no”, she told her to get her bags ready and inform the college she was leaving. Told her that she would be there after two days to take her away to stay with others in their family. She also told her that she has found a boy for her and “let’s see how your God handles me and my plans”. 

Her father SMS’d her this morning to tell her to return her laptop, phone, SIM and “whatever else I have given you” to him. She has put the things on the bus to send to him. 

Sagarika’s mother and aunt came this morning. They have taken her away. Her father gave permission. Obviously we are very sad and broken – pray fervently for her as she will now be living in a very hostile situation. They did not allow her to take her Bibles with her. 

Please pray for Sagarika