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Bible Class

Ian Robertson

Stephen Grant

THE APPEAL -- please come and help us!!!

THE VISION -- We want to send out a strong message to everybody in the town of Auchinleck, and the surrounding towns, that God is Not Dead!!! We want to blitz the whole area for a month with God's Good News. We want everybody to be left without excuse--to be given an opportunity to hear, or at least read, the truth!!

THE NEED -- Fellow Christian believers to PRAY with us for Auchinleck, Ochiltree, Cumnock, Catrine, Muirkirk, Logan, Lugar and Cronberry. Fellow believers to JOIN us--to commit to spending time sharing with us in the work of the Gospel. Free accomodation will be available. If any are free to join us for a week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks or even just for a few days or even a day please contact us, either through this page or on my e-mail address

THE DETAILS -- Every home in the above mentioned villages, at least, to receive lterature. Posters put up extensively in all the communities. Editorial coverage in local paper advertising events and explaining our purpose. Children's meetings in four communities--one community per week--to be held either in local halls or in marquee. Door to door vsitation, open air meetings, film night showing the film--"God is Not Dead", literature displays in town centre, Gospel Meeting each evening in Auchinleck, etc...

We just want everyone to know the truth and we are looking to God to work in our communities which have been prayed over for years and years--brothers and sisters have wept over these villages in the presence of God--longing for a Divine Awakening. We yearn to see that!!

This appeal to help goes out to all -- whether in UK or in other countries -- if you feel you would benefit from involvement in such activities and feel you could contribute in some way then please, please contact us and please make this announcement as widely known as possible--please feel free to share it with your friends and with your local church. The more people available the more ground we can cover--the bigger the impact we make!!