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Bible Class

Brian and Debbie Howden

Stephen Grant

We trust that the following will help you keep updated as to our program D.V for the next three months, and as ever we would really value your fellowship in prayer.

We leave for Angola next Friday 12th Feb returning 6th March, back in the UK for four weeks then out to Angola on the 5th April through to 28th April.

We are really thrilled that Matt Coe from the Bury St Edmunds assembly has been granted a visa, and he will be travelling out with us on the 12th Feb. We are thankful for the sacrifice he, Hannah and the three children are willing to make in order to do some practical jobs for us. Matt will be travelling back to the UK on his own on the 24th Feb. We would value prayer that we will all know the Lords preservation in our travels and work, please also remember in prayer Hannah and the children as they remain at home.

Although time will be limited we have a lot to pack into the time. Since we returned from our last visit the water supply has been disrupted and the Ram that pumps water to the houses, School and onto the village has been stopping periodically due to the valleys that channel the water collapsing. Ruth has had folks down there working hard to get the water flowing again each time it’s stopped but it really needs some major work done on the valleys this dry season. Piling has been sent out in a container but won’t be there to help rectify the problem during this visit.

I hope to have several sessions with the elders at Camundambala studying the book of Romans, this was started during the previous visit. Prayer would be appreciated for this, as it requires much patience.

Meetings will be held at 6am for the teaching of the Word in at least one of the assemblies in Saurimo every morning for a week as well as locally in Camundambala. Please pray that what has been prepared (John Chapters 13-17) will be mightily used by the Lord and be of help to many of His people. A visit back to Caungula for Bible teaching is anticipated as well, with a view to bringing a ministry of Christ into a situation that was previously marked by disunity. Prayer for these meetings would be greatly valued.

During this visit, letters of invitation need to be stamped and notarized by the authorities in order for visa applications to be made for two Trustees of the Angolan Literature Fund to visit Angola with us on the 5th April. We are needing to do a review of the printing work done in Angola and we are looking forward to this visit very much as it will help the Trustees understand better the practicalities and difficulties associated with literature work in Angola.

In the will of the Lord, we will follow this update with another after our return on 28th April.

Thank you for standing with us throughout 2015, we would long for your continued fellowship in prayer in 2016, that in all things He might have the preeminence.

Yours in His service,

Brian & Debbie