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Bible Class

Alasdair Baijal, South Africa

Stephen Grant

Thanks to all who have shown an interest and prayed for me while I am here in South Africa. I have really appreciated the messages of support. I am currently with the assembly in Hermanus, Western Cape Province for a Bible Teaching weekend.

Hermanus Hall   

Hermanus Hall


The gospel outreach I was involved in with Rodney Brown and the assembly at Northpine, Cape Town finished well. The brevity of life and the hardships of the surrounding area were brought home to us when we came across a crowd of people at the school gates on our journey to an open air one morning. We discovered a 16 year old boy had been stabbed to death by a fellow pupil during morning break. It is likely the murder was gang related. We gave out tracts to the crowd for a while before a local brother, Gerald Maasdorp managed to find out the murder victim's address. It turned out we had visited his home with the gospel the day before. I don't know whether he read any of the literature we left with his grandmother in the hours before he died. We went to his home in order to speak a word of comfort and pray with some of the family members there. A very sobering incident.

Another day a lady in her 60s called Katrina listened to Rodney and I preaching in the open air and professed faith in Christ on her doorstep. When we questioned her about it she said she had been troubled by her sin for some time. She knew her church membership could not save her. When she saw us arrive and start to preach she thought “today I know something good is going to happen”. The local believers are following up with her but she needs your prayers. She lives in a very rough area and has faced and will face a lot of hardships. Over 100 people gathered for the last gospel meeting of the series with many unbelievers in attendance. The assembly was encouraged and the Lord has blessed in a number of ways.

I then moved on to Bible Teaching in various places around Cape Town before arriving here in Hermanus on Friday. Before leaving Cape Town I visited Willie and Betty Hastings, who are missionaries from Scotland who served in Angola, Mozambique and South Africa (and possibly other places!). They don't keep too well any longer but we had a moving time of fellowship with them. Please pray for them in their advanced years – they are longing to go home to Heaven.

Willie and Betty Hastings

Willie and Betty Hastings

I am taking up the Levitical Offerings over the weekend here in Hermanus. The Christians here told me they have never heard ministry on the book of Leviticus before. On Monday I head to KwaZulu Natal to spend some time with Dr Terry Gilpin and the assembly at Oslo Beach, Port Shepstone. Your continued prayers are much appreciated.