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Bible Class

Matthew Jenkins - Namibia

Stephen Grant

I met Matthew when I was speaking at the Deri Bible teaching day in the Summer. I heard he was going to visit Namibia to serve the Lord in the distribution of literature and asked him to give me a report of his visit. (Stephen Grant)

For the majority of the time out in Windhoek there were four of us distributing the texts; Julie Frank and Rebekah Flynn both serving the Lord in Zambia and also Rodney Brown now serving in Cape Town.

The trip overall was very encouraging, I was able to take 1500 texts out with me and then we picked up 23,000 more that I had printed out there. Nearly all of these texts were distributed in our time there. The reception to the texts is on the whole very good and a good number also stopped and wanted to ask questions and learn more about what we were doing and what we believe. On a number of the days we tried to make it to a school or two when the children were about to be dismissed for the day and so 1000's of texts were received by young children who often went away reading the verses out loud. We also had the opportunity to speak one morning at a school before they went in for classes. Rodney took the younger half of the school and myself the older ones; in total there must have been at least 1000 children who heard the gospel, the wonder of the Saviour.

Along with seeking to spread the Word we also were encouraged to meet a few people who profess to be born again believers, it was good to make contact with them and share details that God willing on the next trip we might be able to meet up and spend some time with them discussing the Scriptures. 

As always it was a great privilege and encouragement to sow the good Word of God and we look now for the increase, praying that the work done might be for the salvation of precious souls and ultimately for His glory.