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Bible Class

Brian and Debbie Howden

Stephen Grant

We have been here now three weeks and it has been a busy but encouraging start, the first two weeks we had vistors passing through needing beds to sleep in and meals to eat before continuing their journeys, in between this we managed to take the roof off the extension and replace with sheets sent from the UK. The concrete sheets just broke like dried paper as we lifted them and not one was salvagable, another example of poor quality goods available in Angola. It was a long hot day on the roof but just 30 minutes after we had laid the last sheet it poured with rain. What a wonderful feeling it was to finally have a roof that didn’t leak. It is humbling to think that the four young men who so happily helped us with the roof all have leaking roofs in their homes, always have had, and probably always will, and yet they were so pleased for us to have our bedroom water proof! 

We have started up some initial bible classes for the many who are wanting to study their bibles, a total of 9 different groups during the week, all of which are different in content and abilities. We are deighted that we have 48 believers from the local assembly here at Camundambala participating in these studies, something which would have been impossible to imagine a few years ago, and which is a direct result of the Primary School here for which Ruth Hadley is responsible. The other believers are either from Saurimo or neighbouring assemblies and it is a great opportunity to reach out and encourage them. Yesterday as one group of believers left, I discovered that one of the young men is walking 5 hours to get to the study, and this week the heat has been very oppresive, 38c, and I couldnt imagine what it must be like to walk for 1 hour in such heat let alone 5 hours. We would appreciate prayer that as the Word of God is taught we might be encouraged in seeing development and growth amongst the believers.

We had a nasty experience last Friday when an aggressive drunk man climbed over the fence and came right up to the back door, and even climbed on the burglar bars on the windows, although we called the police none came, and it was 5 of the school teachers who were planning their lessons for the next week who came down and physically got him out of the garden, in which time the guy headbutted the deputy head in the face, and in a remarkable display of Christian grace he didn’t retaliate at all. If we had a big dog barking at the fence it probably wouldn’t have happened but as it is our Hienz 57 African pup didn’t make a whimper! After removing him from the garden he promptly climbed back over the fence again and after about 5 minutes more of abuse he climbed back out again. All this happened just as a Bible study was going to start, and reminds us again of the forces of evil that are not happy to see people studying the Scriptures.

Economically things are not great here, diesel is often in short supply and we are needing about 30 litres a day to run the generator let alone the Land Rover, as we don’t live in town its not always easy to know when diesel is being sold at the pumps. The shops aren’t well stocked and food supplies are sparce at best and it takes a lot of time just going from one shop to another to find what you want, so living is a bit of a challenge at the moment.

As ever we appreciate your fellowship in prayer, for the assembly here at Camundambala, and ourselves.

In Christ,
Brian & Debbie