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Bible Class

Stephen Baker

Stephen Grant

Ellesmere Port Gospel Outreach

A week of visiting in the area took place prior to the meetings and homes were visited during the meetings. This is the second time that meetings have been held in Ellesmere Port and it was noticeable that people felt freer to talk this time. Very few local people actually came to the meetings independently. There were unsaved people in each night but they were brought by believers from other assemblies. 

Please pray for:

M - he has heard the gospel a number of times and had stopped coming to meetings in Huyton so we were glad that he came with a local brother when asked.

B - B is obsessed by religion and religious thought but dark as to the gospel. He came back on Wednesday evening and I had a chat with him for an hour after the meeting. He told me he was confused with religion -  and he is. He is a clever and articulate man (he is 80 years of age) and had investigated and studied religion in all its various shades. The result is that he focuses on all the wrong things. It was hard getting him to listen (he claimed that he had listened to me for three nights and it was his turn now) and wouldn't really let me explain what the scriptures say about his various claims. We eventually managed to remind him that religion is irrelevant and that the big issue is his sin and his need of a Saviour.

G H & his daughter N - great chat. G professes to be saved but he has been a single parent for 15 years. His daughter, N, is 18 and is getting into trouble with the police. She suffers from the absence of her mum who left them when she was 3. He came through one of the invites being posted through his door on Wednesday & Thursday. I had a good chat with him on the last night. He is quite lost in terms of fellowship as he seems to know good teaching when he hears it but he has found it hard finding a church that simply teaches the bible. G is probably a bit of a loner and a one off. He used to be a lead guitarist and singer in a band in the North East of England - he still has a short pony tail and a gold ring in his ear but he appreciated the scriptures being preached honestly so I feel at least there was something to work on. He has given me his address and phone number and told me to visit him when I am over on that side of the Mersey which I will do.