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Bible Class

Wesley and Alison Downs

Stephen Grant

We continue to rejoice in the faithfulness and goodness of our Lord and Saviour who is well able to meet us in all our need. He proves to be so faithful in difficult circumstances and here we know something of Him being our rock and deliverer, our Shepherd who restores our soul, the one who gives us rest and peace in the storm.

Pray for Robbie and Louise as they marry on the 26th September.

We have just returned from a trip to the lakes with a group of 13 mostly from the mill. The time was enjoyable and beneficial both physically and spiritually. One lad said that it was his first holiday in 25 years, he had really enjoyed it! Another commented on how he had enjoyed the Bible times taken by Wesley’s dad. The way things were explained gave him new insight and he wasn’t a believer. Please pray that the Lord will use this time away for His glory.

Pray for J who is settling in. He has now been with us 2 months and after a few doubts about whether to stay with the restrictions he is under seems to have settled. We sense God is speaking to him. He believes in God and sees prayers have been answered in his own life but is struggling to accept the Bible as God’s word and the Lord Jesus as God and Saviour. It is a work of the Holy Spirit that is needed in new birth to open blinded eyes and a closed heart.

Pray for N he continues to struggle on determined to seek pleasure apart from God. He remains in contact with us and knows that we love him and continue to pray for him. How he needs to see the world has nothing to offer him and only the Lord will quench the thirst of his soul. He has now moved into university accommodation.

Pray for N who started attending the mill through a work placement and now continues to come as a volunteer. Recently he told me he is reading his Bible. Pray for T who has done the same. Both these men hear the Gospel 4 mornings a week. Pray for S another man attending through work placement. Recently I noticed how intently he was listening to the Gospel. We sense God at work in his life.