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Bible Class

Andy Mullan

Stephen Grant

Small Heath, Birmingham, is a predominantly Muslim community, but also home to a small assembly of the Lord's people.  They had an exercise to increase the spread of the Gospel into the community, and a special week of Gospel activity was arranged, led by Andy Mullan and Robert Armstrong.  A small team of experienced brethren and sisters gave of their time to come and help with the tract distribution and personal work, supported practically by local believers.

Each morning was profitably spent seeking to understand the Islamic mindset so as to be better prepared for the personal conversations we would encounter in the afternoon, which was the main focus of the week, although the hall was opened four evenings when Andy preached the Gospel.

Robert led the morning sessions, and passed on many lessons learned personally over years of service for the Lord in Tanzania.  In the afternoons we established a Gospel presence on the high street, and sought to engage the locals in spiritual conversation.  Some of the team admitted to initial fear, but we were all struck by the general politeness and acceptance of the tracts.  There is 'a zeal of God' among them but 'not according to knowledge' (Roms10:2).  As a result it isn't hard to get into conversation, but we came to realise that this was not because they were interested in the Gospel, but because they wanted to educate us to their way of thinking.

However, there were some who showed more openness to listen to the Word of God. Pray for a pharmacist (ID), hardware assistant (SQ) and a number of other local workers with whom there is opportunity for ongoing contact.  Pray also for student age group as these are generally the most open, and a number of very productive conversations were held with such.  

Andy and a few local brethren will continue weekly, each Thursday afternoon, to build upon the work that has been started, and prayer would be appreciated.