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Bible Class

BGH Huyton, Liverpool

Stephen Grant

Stephen Baker has kindly provided us with a note on the Bethany Gospel Hall (BGH) Redevelopment Work.

BGH has been in Huyton, Knowsley, Merseyside for 75 years. The hall was badly in need of updating. Our heating was of the traditional "burn your head and freeze your feet" variety and the hall was well endowed with "beauty board" - not a description that seems fitting! Prayers and plans for redevelopment have been going on for at least eight years, if not more. Last year we asked the Lord to give us a clear financial indication that we should start the work and we were delighted when He did.

The redevelopment work is roughly in three stages -

1. The redevelopment of three rooms at the rear of the building which will house a new kitchen, cafe style counter and facilities for gospel outreach for children, youth and adults. The new storeroom will also help declutter the hall.

2. At the front of the building we are removing the old kitchen and creating a new closed in foyer with new toilet facilities (including accessible toilets).

3. The final stage is the completion of the main hall. This requires rewiring, central heating, insulating and finishing off with plasterboard etc.

The project is a big undertaking for a meeting of 13 people but we believe that we need to have facilities that can be used effectively for the spread of the gospel and the growth and development of believers.

We appreciate the prayers and interest of the Lord's people as we trust the Lord at each stage of the work.