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Bible Class

Wesley and Alison Downs

Stephen Grant

Wesley has kindly agreed for his monthly prayer points to be put on our blog with the names of people shortened to their first letter:-

The last month has been a difficult time on a few fronts. There were a number of problems waiting for us on our return from our holiday and felt we needed the holiday to deal with them. We are glad to know that the Lord knows and is able to support and sustain when we are heart sore and weary and we know that He is able even though we are weak. It is in our weakness that He is strong! We learn on!

"W" and "P" who stayed with us both have struggled recently and we are sad to say that "P" has finished the programme for the time being. "W" continues with us. We have heard news of "P" and he is not doing very well which we expected. We did say to him that we would have him back in the future to start over again if he wanted and the space was available.

Pray for "J" who has now arrived. He came later than expected and we feel that the Lord had his hand in the fact that he did come at all as our local probation office were not keen on this happening. Please pray for him as he adapts to life out of prison after 8 years. This will take some time. Pray that he will be given the needed patience and self-control as he adapts to the rules of the programme and submits to the various authorities that are in place. This can sometimes be difficult. So far he has done well. "J" is not a believer but did make a profession a few years ago whilst in prison in Wetherby. He felt at the time that he was under a lot pressure from the chaplain at the prison, who we have never met. Pray that he will see the reality of God at work in his life and be saved.

Pray for "N" at this time of adjustment away from the mill. He is finding it tough and needs a lot of prayer support. Pray that we will be given wisdom in knowing how to deal with the situations that we encounter and to know the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit as we give advice and support.