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Bible Class

Sri Lanka

Stephen Grant

From Charles Davidson of the Cardy assembly in Northern Ireland.

The scriptures show that reports of the Lord's work encourages those who pray fervently for it, and gives cause for rejoicing to the One who is not willing that any should perish...2 Peter 3:9. To that end I would like to share a little of God's answer to prayer during my last visit to Sri Lanka.

It was obvious that the Lord was at work at the CGO (Children's Gospel Outreach) in  Valaichchenai but to have it confirmed by the Sunday School teachers from the 5 assemblies of the personal testimonies of these young people was truly amazing.

Valaichenia assembly              
.John Wesley 15       M.Thayalini - 13             K.Nithusa-13     
L Jenitta – 14           T Dilaksan – 14        S Kathursan – 14

Suranakar assembly
   J.Janujan-13          P.Jonsan - 12 
  K.Daksikka – 14     K.Sancivan-13

Verukal  assembly 

Pinniyadi assembly
C.Thanusikka-13   T. Puspalatha – 15  C. Sialadsi - 13 
K.Kumuthini – 18     E.Jathusikka - 13

Alankulam  assembly
Viknesvaran-15. M.Sujanthikka – 14    J.Jokeswarey - 14 

Omadiyamadu  assembly
- K.Tanaruvan-14   K.Api-13     S.Vijai-14

As is often said, the salvation of the young is a life saved as well as a soul. These young people will now have the opportunity and great responsibility to be witnesses for God in an idolatrous country and will need our continual prayer .

The 13 who professed at Badureliya are doing well although, as yet, they are getting very little teaching. They are happy in their salvation and plan to be present at all the meetings during the 3 days of my visit for ministry 13-15 August. The President has called for local elections on 19 August and it is illegal to have any meetings 3 days prior to them taking place. Elections in Sri Lanka are always marked by rioting and unrest so please pray for safety. Complications with my booking mean I'll have to stay until the 19 August.