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Bible Class


Stephen Grant

Nilesh was invited to the Nausori assembly to speak to the youth on Sunday 12 July at 4.00pm. He took along Thomas Wong, Edgar Sakiasi and Jake Taoi (SGC Youth Leaders), Deborah Chand and Inaya Goundar with the aim to introduce SGC youth to Nausori, and to encourage them through their testimonies on what the Lord is dong in their lives and the opportunities available to the young to serve the Lord.

Driving to Nausori was an adventure in itself. It was a week of rain in Suva, heavy rain during midday and drizzling throughout the drive to Nausori. But the Lord’s work must go on regardless of the weather conditions and adjustments to personal comfort.

We headed towards Nausori but drove straight down Vuci Road missing the turn to the assembly so had to drive back. Thank the Lord for mobile phones or we would have ended up on the runway at Nausori airport! We arrived safely and still before time and were greeted by a wonderful group of young people and their leaders, brother Sovea Halaiwalu and his dear wife.

The meeting began with welcome, introductions, some wonderful singing and some helpful sharing of experience. Nilesh then proceeded to introduce the SGC team.  Nilesh took a study on the life of Timothy. There was much excitement as the Scriptures were expounded as we pieced together a minibiography of Timothy, the Apostle Paul’s young lieutenant. Interesting highlights included how Timothy was described by Paul.

We had spent more than an hour on the word and no one was showing signs of waning as all hearts were burning within as the Scriptures were expounded and came alive. We would have gone on but it was 5.30pm. A pack of literature was given out to all that were present to enrich them further including, Bible reading plan, copies of tracts, prayer hints on praying through the names of God, readings on how to manage social media, the relationship of music to worship and responsibilities to the local assembly. Copies of Precious Seed and Counsel magazines were given to the elders that were present as well.

 Our excursion that rainy afternoon was a profitable time for all. We thank God for providing this opportunity to us to fellowship around the word of God with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nausori.