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Bible Class

Bible Camp cont.

Stephen Grant

Enjoying spending my birthday with my Indonesian brothers and sisters. The Camp is not quite Auchenfoyle standards but good enough. We had 3 baptisms this morning with my time spent mainly in conversations about the teaching. There is a good interest in the scriptures but serious baggage from superstition, Islam and unbiblical Christianity.

For example, I had conversations today about Petra not being Peter, Christ not praying like a Muslim in Gethsemane, the identity of Mohammed and the security of salvation to name but a few. Yesterday I was speaking to a family who have members in the family who worship Satan. They have an idol and have lost three of their children to disease. They count this as sacrifices which Satan has demanded for his blessing. The husband I spoke to has a wife who cannot carry a child to full term and the husband sees this as Satan's curse because of their relatives worship of Satan. Not issues you deal with everyday in Renfrewshire !!

The believers use these camps to witness to unbelievers. They show them kindness and engage them with the Gospel. In this culture it is not so easy to have formal Gospel missions and this seems an effective means of witnessing without incurring the attention of the Muslim authorities.