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Bible Class

Seedsowers feedback from Birmingham

Stephen Grant

We give thanks and praise the Lord for all His help and answered prayer in relation to the weekend. We pray for lasting benefit to the glory of our God.

Looking back we are very pleased with how it all went, with close to 18,000 texts given out. A great big thank you to all who came to help.  Responses continue to come in, and I need to go later today to deliver some Bibles etc that have been requested.

1) Came into meetings - 6 people 

2) Requests for Bibles etc - 4 people

3) Other contacts - 2 people

One of the biggest encouragements was the support and fellowship seen among many local saints, to see the united interest in the spread of the Gospel and in supporting a small assembly. This was seen not only in the back-breaking labour in packing the literature, and in the weekend distribution, but also in attending the subsequent meetings.

 May the Lord's name be uplifted and glorified.

Andy Mullan