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Bible Class

Brian and Debbie Howden

Stephen Grant

Just a few lines to update you on our recent visit to Angola and to thank the many who have prayed regularly for us while we have been away.

Once again we proved the faithfulness of the Lord throughout the visit and rejoice in His care and the fellowship of believers in prayer.

The hand of God was upon us throughout the many hours of travelling and preserved us both in flight and upon the potholed roads of Angola, and through the many police checkpoints and immigration controls where officials often drunk can cause so many delays.

Much of the practical work that was planned was accomplished and we were especially relieved to complete the underpinning of the house without further damage being done to the corner wall. We couldn’t finish the installation of the windows in the new Hall as only 2 of the 6 were made as the necessary parts weren’t available so that will have to wait for the next visit.

Meetings were held at Camundambala for a week at 6am for Bible teaching and once again there was a good response from the believers every morning. It would seem that the Lord is at work in the lives of many at Camundambala and it has been a number of years since we have seen such a spiritual stirring among so many. Sunday school has grown to in excess of 150 children requiring the younger ones to be taken out for a suitable message to be given to them while the older children listen to the Gospel. A large number of young people have made professions of faith and a number of them will probably be baptized soon.

Much of this is due without a doubt to the fact that they have been taught to read and write at the School and so they come in large numbers with their Bibles and hymnbooks to the meetings, which is an amazing sight and so thrilling to see. When we remember the illiteracy which we found in 1996 there is so much to give thanks for. So please continue to remember Ruth Hadley and the teachers at the School, their labours are certainly not in vain in the Lord but they still require your daily prayers as just running the school day to day is a triumph.

Once again visits into the village of Camundambala were appreciated by so many, it is amazing how important this is to the people. Just to have someone visit them in their homes when they are sick, to show an interest in their lives, to pray with those who need it and just show yourself to be friendly. We were able to meet some practical needs that we saw in the village and trust that this will be a good testimony and reflect the compassion that the Saviour has to those in great need.

I was also able to have a week of 6am meetings at Manulto assembly in Saurimo where it was packed each morning with literally dozens of young people, many of whom couldn’t get in and had to stand at the windows and doors to hear the Word taught. Another assembly visited in Saurimo was Camacundu, where once again 6am meetings throughout the week were well attended. I am always mindful, how many come to hear the white man speak their language as a novelty thing as opposed to who come to the hear the Word of God, but consistent high numbers at that time of day really do seem to show a genuine interest.

The proposed visit to Mary Ratter in Congo with 5000 Chokwe Bibles didn’t take place as it was not convenient for Mary at that time, so other arrangements will have to be made later.

My residence card renewal process went through without any problems and since returning home have been informed that the permit has been issued and I have been given 5 years which is a wonderful answer to prayer.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer, the Lord is truly working and it is our privilege to be involved in it together with you as you faithfully bring these issues to the throne of grace.

Our next visit D.V will be in 7 weeks time, 14th July and as we prepare for that and the meetings that are planned for the visit we would once again covet your fellowship in prayer.