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Bible Class

Graeme Paterson

Stephen Grant

Tonight was the Last night of the meetings in Plains. Great number of unbelievers attended over the fortnight. Each night we had a couple in their early 30's who seem really interested. Also another couple of a similar age. He seemed troubled tonight and sat on at the end however left without saying much. He has since messaged me to say he is thinking about the things he heard. Another lady in her 30's been attending with her daughter. She too has been in communication to say she is interested. Lots of children including a group of P7's regularly came along, plus others from the locality both believers and non-believers. Still looking to the Lord to bless these meetings. 

Would appreciate prayers tomorrow as I have to conduct the wedding of Lisa who made a profession in my last series in Plains. She was a Roman Catholic and her fiancée still is. However she refuses to get married in the chapel and asked me to marry them. I have known her fiancé for years and know the families well enough. They are however pretty hostile to her profession. Her mother refuses to acknowledge their wedding as it's not in the chapel !!