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Bible Class

Overtown School Visits

Stephen Grant

I am in the middle of my biannual visit to Primary schools in the Overtown area of Scotland with my good friends Jimmy Johnston and John Lannigan from the Overtown assembly. I will give you a taste of the schedule that these venerable OAP's set and maintain with me and Gordon McCracken when he is with them twice a year as well. This ongoing work with 14 schools requires a lot of work from my two brethren throughout the year keeping contacts, visiting the schools as guests for school shows and maintaining relationships. A very good "hobby" for any OAP!

Monday, 11th May 2015

Overtown Primary School, Overtown.  

Entry:  9.15a.m.  P6 – P7:  9.30a.m. – 10.30a.m.

Netherton Primary School, Wishaw.  

Entry:  10.45a.m. P6 – P7:  11.00a.m. -  11.45a.m. 

Wishaw Academy Primary School, Wishaw.  

Entry:  1.10p.m. 2 x P6:  1.20p.m. – 2.00p.m.  2 x P7:  2.05p.m. – 2.45p.m.  

I am doing a lesson on Philemon at the assemblies and a lesson on the 10 Commandments in the classrooms. We are in different schools each day through the week and finish on Friday.