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Bible Class

Nepal Update

Stephen Grant

This is an extract from an e-mail I received this morning from a Nepalese brother, Vikram Ningleku, who lives in Dharan in the East of Nepal. I have stayed in his home as have a few other brethren from the UK.

Thank you very much for yours concerns and earnest prayers for Nepal, Nepalese people and believers here at this time of difficulties. 

The relief works for the earthquake victims are going on rapidly as they need food items, shelters, cloths, temporary tents, medical stuffs and some necessary things as they have lots their homes and stuffs. and they are living in temporarily evacuate camps in different places.   

I have been visiting some damaged areas by the powerful earthquake and victims at some evacuate areas in temporary tents/camps. Aftershocks are still felt frequently. Reaching out to them with the relief materials and with the Gospel booklets and New Testament Bibles are our main purpose! People are terrified, hopeless, realizing and trying to understand the importance and reality of life in someway at this moment of disasters! at the same time there is an high alert and warnings against all the Christian activities; so we need to be very prayerful and careful in what we do! Fervent prayers are needed for the same.

Thank you very much once again for yours earnest prayers for Nepal specifically at this time of natural disaster!