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Bible Class

Overtown Gospel Hall

Stephen Grant

I spent the morning with my good friend and fellow worker, Jimmie Johnson. You might remember he featured on the blog with Gordon McCracken and John Lannigan in connection with school work. Jimmie is no spring chicken but I find his concern for the Gospel and ongoing welfare of the small assembly at Overtown an example which we would all do well to consider.

We were at a lawyers in Glasgow as I helped him sort out the Trust position of the assembly and ensure that the assembly has proper title to their hall. Something that all assemblies should do as too many assemblies have no idea who owns what and who are legally responsible for the building. As usual, Trusts and titles are more complicated than some might imagine, which is all the more reason not to bury our heads in the sand.

I was greatly encouraged that the assembly at Overtown have contacted another local assembly to ask for their young people to help them start a children's work to dovetail with the school work that Jimmie and John have created. It shows a proper attitude to the spread of the Gospel in their area and a determination that the small numbers and age of the assembly will not be a barrier to the children and young people of Overtown hearing the Gospel. Presently Jimmie and John have opened 14 schools to regular visits with the Gospel, not bad for 2 OAP's !!