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Bible Class

Dan Harvey

Stephen Grant

Dan is travelling to a remote area in Mexico to speak at a conference. He messaged me as follows :-

"I am getting ready to head south here today … after Bible Study tonight in San Luís RC, I get a flight at 1am (crazy hour!) via Mexico city and down to Tuxtla-Gutierrez. From there, 7 hours into no-mans land, quite rough really, and to the conference. Will be interesting, 4 days of ‘conference', 3500 folks, and mostly outdoors in 35 degrees and rain"

"Arrived in salto de Agua, feeling like I have fulfilled scripture, as I am definitely at the "end of the world". One room school has internet connection, and they let us use it. Beautiful here, untainted, rustic and natural. My hosts, Fernando and his wife, offering everything they have and even more, which is not much. 2 Corinthians 8. Dear believers".