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Bible Class

Paul and Rachel Jenkinson

Stephen Grant

Thanks for all your interest in this short trip to Uganda.

We leave Uganda at 5.25am Saturday. Please remember us as we travel.

This week we spent in Jinja travelling to schools, as you can imagine there are lots of schools, so we visited either little bush schools and occasionally larger schools.

For the first time we went to 2 Catholic schools, we were welcomed in and around 1200 children received literature and pencils.

We thank God for opening doors into all these schools.

On Wednesday we were invited back to have a word of ministry at the Nile resort Jinja, this is possibly the most exclusive resort in southern Uganda and is managed by a Kenyan Christian, he allows his staff to have time on a Wednesday to meet together and worship. 

He had around 300 USAID officials staying but made time for Him and his staff to come along.

To finish our trip we were invited back to Wakiso to witness a baptism at the local outdoor pool, not for 1 person or 2 but 8 precious souls.

I was asked to have a word before the baptism and had the opportunity to share the gospel and explain what and why these people were about to do. There was a large group of kids/teenagers eager to get back into the pool and we believe heard something of the gospel.. It was a very special afternoon.

Please pray for, Andrew, Victoria, Pamela, Rita, Julius, Sarah, Olivia & Gloria

Our time here has flown by and to be honest we will miss this beautiful country. Please continue to pray for Uganda, the New Beginning Assembly and Allan & Maggie Tayebwa