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Bible Class

Open Air Preaching in Liverpool

Stephen Grant

Stephen Baker is my old friend and first Gospel series partner. He and Carole now serve the Lord in Liverpool. Stephen and Carole were in fellowship at Hope Hall when I returned from student life and I helped Stephen with a couple of short Gospel series in a village called Howwood. That remains a happy memory as does the children's meetings in Quarriers village and the many nights I spent in their home before I was married. I have asked Stephen to tell us about the street preaching in Liverpool and his note is below:-

Regular street preaching takes place in Liverpool by a couple of groups of Christians. I preach on Tuesdays and Fridays, normally with a few others but sometimes on my own, in a city centre plaza called Williamson Square. The square is very busy with a heavy footfall of passers-by going to the Liverpool FC shop, Marks & Spencers and to and from the mainline bus and railway stations. Across the square there is seating which means that most days we have a ready audience of 20 plus people.  

We set up a board to explain the gospel message with scripture texts and illustrations. Quite a few people stop which means they not only hear the word preached but they see the written word. 

The literature we give out is varied. Some of it has been written specifically for the outreach in Liverpool. We find this works well for us. Each leaflet has web based contact details and a mobile number. The offer Text for a free bible, goes down well. We send out at least one a week. 

Over the last few years a number of people we know of have been saved and many have heard the gospel. If God directs you to do this work you will find it a great blessing as you reach people who will often never darken the door of a religious building. 

Many thanks for your prayers.