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Bible Class

My Generation

Stephen Grant

I wrote this 2 years ago and read it again today: remains true.

You are my generation; brought up under Thatcher, grew up under Blair and got fed up under Brown. Your wedding photo is like something from another age and your children have attitude: you are my generation.

You go to work instead of having a career and ambition now equates to survival. Exercise used to involve putting on boots with studs and chasing a ball, now it starts with putting on a jacket and getting the dog.

Parents are no longer leaders and providers. You are now the leader, you are now the provider, the buck keeps stopping in front of you and when did that happen?

Change has been breathtaking and exhilarating but now it is just annoying and you are losing interest. Changing your phone is no longer an event and you haven’t done it when you could. Familiarity has become more important than image. Devices pulled from pockets are gateways into a parallel universe where age restrictions apply, only it is the children of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who are excluded; my generation. Overage is the new underage.

Functioning in the rubble of a previous generation’s choices and fading influence, excluded from a coming generation’s conversation we stagger into a no man’s land of indecision, resignation, bewilderment and fear, dragging around all that stuff we bought in our 30’s.

I am talking about my generation. We have become passive, fearful and cautious. We skulk around the shadows of the past with aspirations of being relevant to the future. We didn't live in the past and won’t live in the future. Are we going to live for God in the present?