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Bible Class

Jamie McIlree

Stephen Grant

Most of the last week has been spent printing but I've also had opportunity to teach and preach at various assemblies, schools and Bible study groups. This morning I was invited to a school for deaf children called Ephphatha. There is an incredible work being done here by local Congolese men and women, some of whom are deaf themselves. It was moving to be welcomed in sign language by the children and to see them learning in the classrooms and also learning practical skills such as joinery and sewing. I am told that new tools and machinery have been sent out but the teachers themselves need training from a skilled tradesman before they can start being used. 

Life is hard for everyone in Congo, but especially for those with disability. Parents struggle to pay for children to go to school and the thought of paying for a deaf child to be educated is not even considered. As a result, one of the girls in primary one this year is a teenager as she has only recently been sponsored. Every day here seems like a bigger privilege than the last but to be able to tell these children the gospel was sweet.  

Last Tuesday a large whirlwind destroyed most of the roof of the main dorm. The workers, again some of whom are deaf, have been working hard to have it repaired and they should finish today. It's good timing because the rainy season started here yesterday!