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Bible Class

South Africa

Stephen Grant

Terry Gilpin has been a doctor in these parts for many years and worked at the Murchison hospital throughout the Apartheid years and beyond. He is a highly respected physician in this area and when I was last here he was heavily involved in the treatment of HIV Aids at Murchison.

Terry is now retired, although that is a relative term. He took me to the Genesis project today. This project is run/funded by the Norwegian Settlers Church which is a very large community/campus style Church. They run various community projects and Terry helps in one of these projects. He spends part of every day giving his service as a doctor. 

There is a 40 bed / 80 staff hospital style facility which provides stepdown care for 5 local hospitals. I met patients who had terminal conditions and some who had received unusual surgery and treatment. This project has a clear evangelical emphasis and is provided for the physical and spiritual benefit of the local people.