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Bible Class

Brian and Debbie Howden

Stephen Grant

With another visit to Angola just a few days away, (9th October – 12th Nov) we would be very grateful if you could remember the following items in prayer that the visit would be used mightily in the will of the Lord for the blessing of many.

Safety in travel is always an area where we feel so dependent on the Lord for divine preservation; terrible roads, crazy driving and corrupt officials are the norm so as ever we value prayer for the 16hr journey to and from Saurimo. We plan to break bread with an assembly on the outskirts of Malange on the 11th October and then travel onto Saurimo arriving late afternoon.

Our first task on the morning of our arrival in Luanda is to meet a brother who is overseeing the revision of the Songo hymnbook and go through some of the errors we have picked up during typesetting prior to going to print. Not having learnt Songo it is a bit of a challenge.

We have learnt in the past week that another print machine has broken down in the print facility in Saurimo. This means that no printing of Emmaus courses and other literature is being done at present. Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom enabling me to repair this machine so that printing can resume. The machine we took to Luanda during our previous visit still hasn’t been repaired so it’s a bit frustrating at the moment.

We would value prayer too for Bible studies that will be held with elders from the Camundambala assembly focusing on Doctrines of The Gospel. Pray that they will be helped to grasp Bible truths that will in turn equip them to preach the Gospel of the Bible. These dear men can scarcely read with any level of comprehension so it will be a challenge even in their mother tongue of Chokwe.

Once again Bible teaching meetings in the town of Saurimo as well as locally at Camundambala are planned these are usually at the normal time of 6am and prayer for these meetings would be appreciated.

As ever there is always on going practical work needing to be done, amongst which we need to get the new hall ready for use at the Leprosaria. These jobs take so much time and although we use local labour it needs to be overseen.

Please pray too that a compassionate heart will characterize our lives as we will meet numerous folk who are so desperately poor besides their utter blindness to their own spiritual needs. Many of the young people need direction and counsel and it is so possible to be so busy there is little time given to trying to meet some of these important needs.

Finally please pray too for a container that left the UK recently with 6000 Portuguese Bibles, Bible study aids (purchased by the Angolan Literature Fund) and other much needed items for different aspects of the work. Pray that port authorities in Luanda will not hold up the container but that it might pass through the red tape and corruption easily. We are praying that it might arrive in Saurimo while we are there thus one less thing for Ruth Hadley to oversee.

Thank you once again, for continuing to stand with us in prayer for the work of the Lord in Angola.