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Bible Class

Buckie Gospel Hall

Stephen Grant

From Richard Smith:

The Holiday Kids Club in Buckie has been going really well. Nearly 100 children in over the first 4 days, 77 (plus a few babies!) was the highest number in 1 day. We've had the stories of Jonah, Moses crossing the Red Sea, Naaman and the good Samaritan, all on the theme of travel. Tomorrow is the Prodigal Son. We would ask for your prayers for tomorrow evening when we plan to have a parents night/prize giving. Lots of families have promised to come.

The little assembly in Buckie has worked extremely hard over the last number of weeks and has done a terrific job, along with a few from Cullen. Lovely to see old and young folk working together. It's also great to see men in their 80s entering into the spirit of the week.

We look to the Lord to give the increase.