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Bible Class

Jonathan Seed, Guadalajara, Mexico

Stephen Grant

The three largest cities in the country are Mexico City (over 20 million pop.) Guadalajara (approx. 10 million pop.) and Monterrey (approx. 5 million). Those are only the three largest in the country, we could also mention Puebla, Toluca, Tijuana, Leon, Juarez, Torreon, Queretaro and San Luis Potosi. All of which have over one million residents and no full-time workers I am aware of except for two in the Guadalajara area.

The same could be said about major cities on every continent but that should not lead us to surrender to the difficulty of work in these urban centres. With great awareness of this obstacle we have been labouring in the city of Guadalajara and it has not been easy. Working in a predominantly Catholic country does have its advantages, but the population among whom we work are tremendously devout and quite satisfied with their ritualistic religion. 

Despite the difficulty, we have been blessed and are very pleased to see the Lord work in the salvation of souls. It has been sad to see that a number of those who professed have not carried on but we are encouraged by the few that have shown consistency and consecration. These encouraging believers have also obeyed the Lord in baptism and are showing great interest in gathering to the Lord’s name.  

The work began a little over 2½ years ago in the home of Ricardo & Martha Solis. They kindly offered the use of their home for gospel meetings and shortly afterwards a bi-weekly gospel meeting commenced. We had good attendance in their home and saw the need to rent a room where we could have the meetings in a more public context. The work has progressed to the point where we gather with a handful of children from the neighbourhood for a Sunday School, a weekly gospel meeting (Lord’s day), Bible reading (Wednesday), and a ministry meeting (Friday). Around fifteen of us gather for these meetings and in the near future it is our desire to celebrate the Lord’s supper as an assembly devoted to gather to the Lord’s name until He comes. 

In the world’s eyes a group of fifteen or so may only seem like a drop in a bucket. However, it is a group of believers that we believe the Lord has gathered together and we would ask that you pray for our preservation while seeking to live for Him in this “present evil age” (Galatians 1.4).  
As we look to the future we are praying that the Lord will give us help in discipleship of the brethren among us and the evangelization of the millions of this city who have yet to be reached. Please make an effort to remember the Lord’s work in Guadalajara.